Underdog                                                                                                 Lead                                                 Magic Arrow Films

Trauma Therapy                                                                                     Featured                                          Tom Malloy

Colette and Camille                                                                                Lead                                                 Matt Boda

Ripped and Vulnerable                                                                          Principal                                          Danny Abrahms

Get Back                                                                                                           Lead                                                 Eliot Rausch

The Depot                                                                                                       Principal                                          Jackie Vargas

Forward                                                                                                            Lead                                                 Toni Boteva

One Last High                                                                                         Lead                                                     Molly Ingstad

Big Star                                                                                                      Principal                                           Sara Cross

Chimera                                                                                                          Lead                                                      Elizabeth Hook

Beautiful Cynical Creatures                                                                  Lead                                                      Florencia Serrao

Circa                                                                                                                 Lead                                                      KS shanti,

Silence Before Rain                                                                                Featured                                           Jason Sklaver



TV/ Web

How to Get the Girl                                                                                      Supporting                                      Paul Stuart

The Pact                                                                                                          Lead                                                 Jo Marr

Meet Me                                                                                                   Lead                                                     Paul Stuart

Medinah Season 1                                                                                       Lead                                                     Ahmed Al Baker

Golden Revenge                                                                                    Cameo                                            Michael Druck

Disappeared                                                                                            Cameo                                            Investigation Discovery

Wedding and a Murder                                                                         Cameo                                            Oxygen True Crime

Trying                                                                                                              Lead                                                     David Rodriguez

Life Line                                                                                                          Supporting                                      Gabriel Adams

Z Fever                                                                                                             Lead                                                     Nicholas Barber

Refinery 29                                                                                                     Lead                                                  Sophie Simmons

Refinery 29                                                                                                     Lead                                                     Allison McNamara

FabLife                                                                                                             Lead                                                      Shane Farley



Amazon                                                                                                   Lead                                                 Conquer Loud

Honda                                                                                                      Principle                                          James Stenson

Track and Shield                                                                                          Lead                                                     Tyler Rumph

The Future of Aerospace                                                                          Lead                                                     Bards of Nevermore

Novo Wave                                                                                                    Lead                                                 Spectrum

Omaze                                                                                                            Lead                                                 Tyson Lindo

Mr. Summer                                                                                           Principle                                          Bunch O Ballons

Suzuki                                                                                                      Rider                                                Questus / Suzuki

Harley Davidson                                                                                          Rider/Model                                   First Shot / Harley

Warrior Trading                                                                                            Principal                                          Naknek Design

Stay Classy Liquids                                                                                Principal                                          Julian Conner

Santa Monica College                                                                           Lead                                                 Francesco Camuffo

Epson Runsense                                                                                    Lead                                                 Chadwick Horne 

Teavana Tea                                                                                            Lead                                                 Josh  Soskin

Unilever                                                                                                   Lead                                                     Armani Smith

Safety  Awareness Campaign                                                             Principal                                          Ed Tommasi




A Midsummer Nights Dream                                                                                                                       Salinas Stage



Namastetics                                                                                                  Print and Video                               Selah  Estrada

Harley Davidson Rider                                                                         Print and Video                               Josh Kurpius

Harley Davidson Rider                                                                         Print and Video                              Rennie Solis

SimpleTux                                                                                                     Print                                                     Chris Sheng



Continental Breakfast                                                                           Motorcycle Double                        Nicholas Barclift

Medinah                                                                                                  Motorcycle                                      Ahmed Al Baker



Upright Citzens Brigade // Groundlings // Margie Haber Studio // Anthony Meindl // Santa Monica College Theatre


Female, 5' 6" , Athletic / Toned , Brown Hair , Hazel Eyes,  Running/ Boxing / Horseback riding/ Hunting/ Improv Training/ Motorcycle riding, M1 license/ Surfing/ swimming/ Firearms Training/ Skateboarding/ Snow Boarding / Salsa Dancing/ PADI Scuba certified /  Spanish/ Southern accent/


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