Becca Buckalew is a native to the central coast growing up in Monterey County. From a young age she was drawn to entertaining people.

Growing up in the country she excelled at riding dirt bikes, surfing and playing with the boys. After obtaining a BA in English, an AA in the Administration of Justice which included a year long internship with the Sheriff’s Department, she did a complete 180 and decided that her true passion lay in acting.

Telling stories and effecting change within people was always something Becca aspired to do. She first got her training at UCB, Groundlings, and AMAW.  Becca’s latest role is the lead in the 2019 feature film, Underdog, where she plays the lead in a dramatic story about a young girl fighting to get a chance at a good life. Most recently she completed The Pact, a TV series shot in Romania and Bulgaria that is due to be released later this year.

Becca’s main objective is to inspire people through her acting.